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A scholar once said, “Nowadays, we have so many tools to help us say things, but we have less and less of meaningful things to say.”

We want to change that.
One content at a time.

Just in case you didn't get it, we are content creators.


Altimet, Ustadz Syed Kadir and Erwan Muhibbain set out to sit down with public personalities across many communities to discuss and understand important, interesting and in-the-now issues.

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Episode 1

(In)Team Work

Hazamin Inteam


Episode 2

Pembangunan Nilai

Syed Gaddafi


Episode 3

1 to 1: Bermula Dari Buku

Faris Zulkharnane

Business & Marketing

Episode 4

Leadership Matters

Zahir Kelvin Ong Abdullah


Episode 5

Teh Tarik Session: Budak Event... Tapi Jual Ayam?

Waie Che Ramly

Business & Marketing

Episode 6

1 to 1: Funnel Kejayaan

Haris Ghazali

Business & Marketing

Episode 7

Marketing Strategy Terbaik

Fahdi Ghazali

Business & Marketing

Episode 8

1 to 1: Bermula Dari Pasar

Adib Afifi Hasan

Business & Marketing

Episode 9

Ini Semua Marketing

Adib Afifi Hasan

Business & Marketing

Episode 10

2020: A Look Back

Just Us

Current Events

Episode 11

Berkata Baik Atau Diam

Syah Brotherz, Nurflix CEO

Human Values

Episode 12

Hijrah & Merdeka

Just Us

Current Events

Episode 13

Cerita Selepas PKP

Dato' Seri Syed Zainal Abidin

Current Events

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